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Business Law

Don't let preventable legal problems ruin what you have worked so hard for. Let me help with your contracts, business formation and governance, and compliance. I can help you on a project basis or as your own general counsel.


When you have been entrusted with a sacred mission and the gifts of your people, integrity requires responsible practices. Be proactive to keep your nonprofit status, comply with the law, and keep your people and resources safe.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is critical no matter what your industry. It is important to protect your brand (trademarks), content, and confidential information.


Every business depends on its people, but people can be challenging. The law has something to say about those challenges. Don't rely on rumors or what you saw someone do in the past; know the law and make a wise plan.

Consumer Law

Business is about keeping promises. If you've made a mistake, let me help you make it right without making it worse. If you have been cheated, let's get you justice.

Protect your life's work.

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